About the only time I don’t like washing my food down with alcoholic beverages is when I eat Salvadoran food. The reason for this? Horchata.

Nothing beats the sickeningly sweet, creamy taste of freshly-made horchata, with that nutty aftertaste.

Wait. Nutty aftertaste? Read more

People who live in Washington, D.C. have this annoying habit of thinking that anything outside of Washington, D.C. is “the country”—as if civilization stops at the diamond-shaped border. We live about 30 minutes outside of Washington, but are routinely told that it’s hard to make it to our events, because they are “so far away” and that we live in the “boonies!” Read more

The town we live in here in Virginia is a planned community, and there are many wooded areas interspersed throughout the community. These wooded areas are great during the summer, when one can take advantage of the many shaded walkways and bike paths to get outdoors while not being scorched. Read more