90% of the time, I am rather serious; so serious, in fact, that I tend towards anxiety when things don’t go according to plan or there are too many unknown variables. But every once and awhile, I go to the opposite extreme, and just let loose. Read more

On Fridays, I take my baby Valentina to a babysitter in the neighborhood. She’s a nice Bolivian lady whom we’ll refer to as M.E. on the blog in any future posts. After handing over Valentina (who now has started exhibiting some separation anxiety), I turned around, and froze like a deer in headlights. Read more

On Saturday, we celebrated our daughter Valentina’s first birthday. We live in a townhouse, so it can be hard to have a lot of people at one time, but I got excited and invited 70 people anyway. I did the invitation on Facebook only and a week and a half before the event, so by Friday night, only 12 people had replied that they were coming. Read more

I came up with the title “Salvadoran Gringo” on a whim, after mulling over the options for several days. As usually happens, I get excited about something, share it with a bunch of people for their feedback, get negative feedback, and then ignore what everyone else said and do what I wanted anyway 😛 Well, that is only partially true; I do consider others’ input carefully. Read more